Eyeliner Eyelid Tattoo

Are you interested to do your eyeliner, eyelid tattoo in NYC? Many people will report that, when the notice someone for the first time, they see the eyes. The eyes are often an area that ages first and can age quickly, giving way to the appearances of sadness, droopiness, puffiness and hollowness. Although permanent makeup cannot repair aging eyes by taking away excess skin or wrinkles, it can improve the appearance of the eye.

Several different types of approaches can be used for lining the eye: a straight and solid line on the upper and/or lower lid and lash line enhancement. Permanent makeup by Tatiana is the best place for eyeliner, eyelid tattoo in Brooklyn or Manhattan.

Eyelid Liner Tattoo

The traditional upper and lower tattoo of the eyelid involves placing pigment on the eyelid in a straight line. Some clients prefer the eyeliner to be wedged-wider at the outer one third to one half of the eye-and others like it domed, with the widest part over the iris.

Eyelash Enhancement Tattoo

Ash line enhancement tattoo is unlike eyelid liner tattoo. Lash enhancement is meant to create the appearance of thicker eyelashes. This technique is used for individuals who do not have full lashes or for whatever reason have lost some of their lashes. Small dots of dye are placed between the eyelashes to promote a think, full lash.